Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Ask Archivists Day

This Thursday (9 June 2011) is Ask Archivists Day on Twitter!!

The aim of the day is that:

On that day everybody can ask questions to archivists in the world on Twitter. The main goal of the Twitter event #AskArchivists is to get more attention for archives and their collections and to know what archivists like about their profession. And ofcourse that archivists and people on Twitter can get directly into contact with eachother. Through Twitter, archivists inform their followers about events, new collections, publications and other things worth knowing. They also keep in touch with their colleagues about their profession. People on Twitter can ask questions, give tips and can retweet interesting archive tweets.
Its been organised by Ask Archivists who have a twitter account (naturally) and a blog where you can find out more.  There are also some great youtube videos and presentations on slideshare including this one:


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