Monday, 30 November 2009

Christmas ideas using archives(ish)

I discovered this amazing site at the weekend.  It can take images from museums like the V&A and National Maritime Museum, photography collections and even Haynes Car Manuals and turn them into wall murals, prints or other custom options.

My favourite (so far) is the letter C from Edward Lear's 'A Children's Nonsense Alphabet' c.1880.

So, consider surface view if you're looking for something different this year.

Of course, gifts for the archivist in your life like a TNA shopper or pocket magnifier are available from the TNA shop.  Or you could go for a witty slogan on a hoodie to replace that storeroom cardigan.

Friday, 6 November 2009


A new option for those looking to use an open source alternative for archival description has been released.  The ICA-Atom is a project from the International Council on Archives which provides a software to help and encourage institutions to make their archival holdings available online.  Of course as an ICA project it is fully compatible with and based on ICA standards.

It is still in beta release at the moment but it is great to have another option, more information about the project is available here and it looks good so go check it out.

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