Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Blogs part 2 - the benefits

The main benefit of a blog is that it gives your organisation an extra way to communicate with your audience. For this to be truly beneficial, it is important that the blog has something constructive to say that will engage with its the intended audience. There is little point in blogging just to be seen to be using a new technology, it must be effective as well.

Some of the benefits from communicating using a blog include raising awareness through a different channel, creating a community and giving readers and writers of the blog a chance to create conversations about issues and collections. However, a blog will work best where an organisation is confident that it has interesting information to post on a regular basis.

I've outlined below some of the ways a blog can be used on a personal level and also by organisations to showcase collections or for specific exhibitions. I think that a blog is one of the simplest ways to engage with Web 2.0 technology as its one of the easiest and cheapest ways to implement this technology in an organisation and it provides a way to communicate immediately with users in an informal manner. Personally I think its the ultimate have a go technology, if it doesn't work for you then you can delete your blog and try something else. If it does work then you will have gained a new audience, generated interest in your collections and have joined a wider blogging community.

So give it a try!


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