Sunday, 17 August 2008

Spread the word

So, you've taken the time to set up a blog, put images on flickr and record some podcasts, now what? You need to share all your hard work and encourage others to spread the word about your fantastic resources.

The main way to do this, particularly for blogs and podcasts is to set up a subscription option for your site, known as a web feed, one of the most popular options is the RSS feed. This will allow your users to subscribe and receive notifications when new information is published. This tool helps to increase the immediacy of providing new information and means that users do not have to keep checking your site for new content.

The national archives has RSS feeds for its news, document releases and podcasts pages.

It is also useful to give users the option to add a link to your site to their own websites, facebook pages or blogs. There is a tool that you can use to do this called addthis which gives you an icon that users can click and choose to add a link to your website to a variety of locations. Mia Ridge has explained the value of using addthis on her website.


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