Monday, 1 September 2008

Alternative uses for web 2.0

Although I've mostly focused on using web 2.0 technologies for awareness raising and outreach purposes, it can be used in other ways. At the conference on Thursday a couple of people mentioned how they were using web 2.0 for internal purposes in their own working practices.

Suggestions were varied and included:

  • Podcasts as a way to disseminate management talks to staff dispersed over a large area or in different countries.
  • Wikis as a way to develop new policies or procedure manuals. This works well for manuals that may be updated frequently and removes the need to publish entirely new versions of a manual.
  • Blogs could be used within teams to share news about progress on particular projects and update colleagues on what different parts of the team have been doing.
Using web 2.0 in this way can work very well for your organisation and it can also help to show its effectiveness and get management on board if you want to use it for external awareness raising purposes.


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