Tuesday, 23 September 2008


I've broken the cardinal rule of blogging and not posted anything for a couple of weeks. All I can say in my defense is that I've been putting together a photo book as a gift and found that I can spend hours endlessly tweaking pictures and page formats.

I used blurb to create my book and it got me thinking that it would be a really good way to put together a book for an archive, perhaps as part of a small exhibition or to publish popular images. Blurb would work well for this kind of thing because they have a bookshop section on their website. This allows you to publish the books you create allowing others to buy copies of them. With books starting at £7 its a cheap way to publish very professional looking books of your digital images.

There is an example on their site of a book compiled of columns taken from a local paper by the Horseheads Historical Society called Bygone Days. This shows that the idea can be extended to any text that you have and own the copyright for and want to publish.

I'll be back to posting about the slides again soon.


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